About us

Whoever hears the name "Gouda" immediately thinks of Cheese. Gouda Cheese is one of the best known and most eaten cheeses in the world. Gouda Cheese owes its name to the fact that this Dutch cheese has been traded for centuries in the city of Gouda. The famous Gouda Cheese is still made using traditional methods in the polders around the city. There are the cows in the meadow, that give milk daily, from which this famous cheese is made. From the polder, the farmers bring the cheeses to the center near the historical town hall, where they are traded on the cheese market.


For Gouda tourism is a growth market. Therefore large investments in the city of Gouda are required. To be able to attract more tourists, a major top tourist attraction in Gouda is needed.
And that is the Gouda Cheese Experience!


The Gouda Cheese Experience Foundation consists of three people who worked out this idea.

Mia Schaap

For 26 years she has been an entrepreneur in Gouda

Femke van Munster

For 19 years she has been an entrepreneur in Gouda and responsible as manager in social projects