Gouda Cheese Awards 2020

Gouda Cheese Awards 2020

15 September 2020 - Geen categorie

On Friday, September 4, we had the honor to make the Experience available for the finale of the Cheese Awards 2020. An experience that we can look back on with pride!

The annual event has become an online home inspection test due to the corona measures. With the jury from the Experience and 50 cheese lovers who tasted and judged from home. By means of the livestream it was possible to watch the presentation live from the Gouda Cheese Experience at home.

During the finale, you were introduced to the Experience through a tour by Frau Antje, who immediately provided you with some knowledge about making Gouda cheese. With the video below you can watch the guided tour with Frau Antje.

Meanwhile, Kokvisie a cooking team from Bodegraven were also busy in the kitchen. They cooked surprising dishes with the finale cheeses. The recipes can be found on our website and on www.goudacheeseawards.nl

Winners of the Gouda Cheese Awards.

And these are the winners of Gold, Silver and Bronze at the Gouda Cheese Awards 2020! Congratulations!

Gouda 48+ old:

Gold: de Rotterdamsche Oude 01055 van RL Foodstrategy

Silver: Rouveens Roem van Rouveen Kaasspecialiteiten

Bronze: Haerlems Beleg van het Oude Zuivelhuis

Goat cheese 50+ ripe:

Gold: Amalthea Karakter van Amalthea B.V.

Silver: Saantje belegen van Zijerveld

Bronze: Nora belegen van Kaashandel Remijn

If you want to know more about Gouda cheese, you are more than welcome in the Gouda Cheese Experience!

For those who have’nt seen it yet, the one and only “Cheese Bus” will drive through the region. On the website www.oppadmetarriva.nl you will find a special Samenreisdagkaart and who knows, you might get on the Cheese Bus towards the Experience.