Renovation of a monumental building

Renovation of a monumental building

It is well known to the inhabitants of Gouda: the barracks. This building also used to be the cinema. Everyone has a memory of it. We can remember that you were even allowed to smoke in that cinema and that you could press a button and then someone came to bring a drink. You can hardly imagine it anymore. History.

03 February 2020 - Geen categorie

In the center of the town

For the Gouda Cheese Experience we wanted a building in the beautiful center of Gouda, easily accessible and preferably with character. After looking at a few options on and around the market of Gouda, we walked past this building ……… and it was already cheese yellow!

A national monumental building

A national monument with character and a long history in and for Gouda. Now it’s up to us to add a piece of history to it!

Opening of the Experience is getting closer: on Mondag June 1th!